LineupNX 2.5

Newsroom Computer System

A valuable tool in broadcast education

LineupNX 2.5 has features that make it especially useful in educational environments and is currently used by Universities and Colleges in both TV Journalism and Broadcasting programs.

All students can contribute story ideas

The LineupNX Future File system lets all class members contribute story ideas and pitches ahead of class story meetings. See our release note All the story ideas from all the staff

Flexible workflows

Faculty members can design the workflow that best suits their classes and taking into account available resources and class size. Please use our contact page for more information.

Tracking individual student work

Because the LineupNX license permits an unlimited number of offline copies to be used, each class member can keep a personal database (actually a LineupNX rundown) of stories she or he has worked on. They can keep this on their own computer or on their personal computer file space at the institution they attend. At the end of the year/semester etc. that record can be submitted as an archive to faculty/teachers both for evaluation and record keeping.

Cloud support helps teachers with grading

With a cloud service like Dropbox, Skydrive or Google Drive, an instructor can evaluate and grade work from anywhere without having to copy all the necessary files. Everything created for a particular production is automatically available to the instructor no matter where they are as long as she/he has an Internet connection. See our story Ahead in the clouds to learn more.

Series and episode numbers can follow class sections

The flexibility of the LineupNX file folder and show naming systems mean that each class or section can have its own set of templates and rundowns. Individual productions / broadcasts are easily cataloged and filed.

Tagging in rundowns lets you keep student credit list

The 38 tags in a LineupNX item let you see directly which students have played a role in each individual story even if it was not a written contribution.

Use a website to keep students up-to-date

Rundowns and outlooks can be exported to an XML file that can be posted as an RSS feed on a website. This means, for example, that an internal Intranet for the class can have a web-page that keeps all students up-to-date with story assignments and this is generated directly from within LineupNX.

Class lists and Email

Use a LineupNX rundown database to keep a class list. In addition to basic student information the list can contain email addresses. The built-in LineupNX email feature lets you send messages and advance show outlooks to all members of the class.

Draft printing intros

In a large class, students can follow the show using draft quality printouts of show intros with several intros on a single page. This saves paper and cost. Draft print mode was a specific feature requested by one of our journalism school clients.

Archive keeps everything together

The archive of each show includes rundown, all prompter copy, all package scripts, all spreadsheets, all research notes as well as references to all video produced, all graphics used and all audio files used. LineupNX will create a single .zip file of an entire production and lets you keep separate uncompressed folders as well in an archive location. this permits rapid, indexed searches to find student work.

Of course there is more...

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