LineupNX 2.5

Newsroom Computer System

A rich feature set

LineupNX 2.5 has all the features and tools you and your team/students need to manage your productions. From unlimited rundown folders, workflows that accommodate electronic future files, live-to-tape tools for prerecording, front- back- and hit-times, to automatic web-publishing, audio and video preview, LineupNX has everything you need  - and more.

For a full list of features in LineupNX 2.5, please see our feature table. Here we also compare LineupNX 2.5 with previous versions of the program.

Leverage your existing software

LineupNX 2.5 automatically inspects your system to determine if you already have software that complements what it can do. For example scripts for packages and documentaries that are not intended for the teleprompter can be written using a standard word processor like MS Word, Corel WordPerfect or Open Office / Libre Writer. LineupNX will associate the script file with a slug in the rundown. Similarly, you can have a complete spreadsheet (Excel, QuattroPro, Open Office / Libre Office Calc) associated with each rundown item. The spreadsheet can store contact details, shot logs, expense information and more -- your imagination is the limit.

And if your team uses MS Word for package scripts, LineupNX can convert them and insert them into its teleprompter queue.


LineupNX 2.5 is backward compatible with all previous versions of LineupNX. Templates, rundowns and teleprompter scripts from LineupNX 1.x will open in LineupNX 2.5. However, they will be saved in the new LineupNX 2.x file formats for future use.

System requirements

Microsoft Windows network -- via server or peer-to-peer -- running Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. You may even mix operating system versions on the same network (e.g. Windows XP and Windows 7). There are no special memory or speed requirements for LineupNX. The software takes little memory and is not processor intensive.