LineupNX 2.5

Newsroom Computer System

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LineupNX 2.5 Newsroom eXpress for Windows is now shipping.

This could be just the rundown, teleprompter, script management newsroom solution you have been looking for.

  • Now with LineupNX 2.5 you can easily group items in the rundown and then auto-select to drag and drop to a new location in the rundown grid.
  • We have added an enhanced sidebar utility that makes it even easier to transfer items between rundowns -- especially useful for feeds, sports or evergreen items. They are available if and when needed with just a mouse click.
  • Publish your rundown to the web automatically in the background. Anyone to whom you give the link can watch the progress of the rundown as you build it. This can be a private link on your intranet or a your public website.

LineupNX has always offered the best combination of value and functionality for TV newsrooms, production houses, web-casters, community access (PEG) broadcasters, journalism and broadcasting program staff, and students. LineupNX 2.5 is no exception. It is a TV newsroom computer system (NRCS or NRS) that gives users a powerful production management tool at a very reasonable price.

And LineupNX 2.5 does updates on all the newsroom computers much faster than before. New workflow models accommodate more collaborative rundown building. 


LineupNX 2.5 is a newsroom computer system with a pedigree that goes back more than 25 years, to the very beginning of computers in TV news. It can enhance your productivity in the newsroom, control room, studio and classroom or student lab. LineupNX is flexible, supporting work-flows from Future File to Archive, from a newsroom of 35 to a newsroom of one. And best of all, it won't break the bank.


Because doing your rundown in a spreadsheet -- or worse a word processor -- is more work than it is worth. You want your productions to run to time, give you easy access to your content and be Internet friendly. You get all that and a teleprompter and more with LineupNX. The increase in productivity will pay dividends to you and your team.


LineupNX 2.5 runs on Windows systems from Windows XP to Windows 10. It will run on big networks or on small, peer-to-peer setups. It is designed to take few of your computer's resources and to leverage the power of software you already have.


LineupNX 2.5 for Windows systems is available today. You can have it in your operation in a week. We provide a download version that will get you up and running and then send the hard material by courier.


LineupNX is a product of Baobab Productions Inc., a Canadian communications company that works mainly in the developing world. It has developed several software products to help producers of digital video be more productive.