LineupNX 2.5

Newsroom Computer System


On this page to the right you will find links to LineupNX resources that you might find useful, including video tutorials and links to downloads of key LineupNX documentation.

Direct client support

Support via e-mail, telephone, "remote control" (Webex, Google Remote), or Skype is available to registered users. You will need your software serial number to verify your identity. The serial number can be found on the Help | About screen. It is displayed in the lower right below the [OK]button. We can also provide training to your staff.

Remote Control help

Remote control via Google Remote
            Desktop We can look at your setup and take control of one of your computers to demonstrate with you key LineupNX features. We can also examine your system and adjust parameters for you. If you need this kind of help,you will have to have the Google Chrome browser with the Google Remote Desktop plugin installed on your computer. You then send us a special access code that will let us take control of your desktop via Chrome.


We can provide online training sessions from our HQ to your production site using Cisco Webex and/or Chrome Remote Desktop. We can also send one of our staff to your location to handle installation and initial training.

Upgrade policy

We provide upgrades for free for two full years from the time you purchase your LineupNX license. Upgrades are released when we add significant functionality to LineupNX. We encourage our users to suggest new features and improvements and do our best to incorporate our user's ideas into upgrade releases.

We also provide free maintenance releases and patches to fix bugs as long as you own one of our products. Since each licensee is unique, we compile our patches and fixes based on the specific installation.

LineupNX checks for updates each time the Administrator logs in and will indicate that an update is available by placing an icon on the main tool bar

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions potential users have asked about LineupNX with links to answers.

  • How is LineupNX priced and licensed? [ANSWER]
  • Do you have a demo we could try? [ANSWER]
  • What if we need to expand our number of licensed workstations? [ANSWER]
  • How do we get the license keys? [ANSWER]
  • Do we need a working internet connection to run LineupNX? [ANSWER]
  • Do I need to buy a separate teleprompter or auto-cue package from a third party provider? [ANSWER]
  • Will LineupNX communicate with my character generator or playout system? [ANSWER]
  • Does LineupNX support foreign languages and complex fonts like Chinese? [ANSWER]
  • What operating systems has LineupNX been tested on? [ANSWER]
  • Can I run LineupNX on a Macintosh computer? [ANSWER]
  • What are the minimum computer and network requirements for running LineupNX? [ANSWER]
  • Does LineupNX support the Media Object Server protocol(MOS)? [ANSWER]

How is LineupNX priced and licensed?

We have a unique pricing model which adds value to your LineupNX setup. Every operation must buy a master license for the location. Beyond that we license by workstation. So if you have 10 workstations that need to run LineupNX you buy a master license and nine workstation licenses.

The best part
LineupNX only cares about the number of simultaneous users on the network at any given time. That means
  • The license is portable. For example one of our smaller users bought a total of 3 licenses. The newsroom used them up until air time and then two of the newsroom computers were logged off so the teleprompter and timing computers could run LineupNX in the control room.
  • You may have as many stand-alone (off the network) installations as you like. That means reporters can work off-line and then link their material to the rundown when they are ready.
  • There are no maintenance fees or annual subscriptions. You only pay once.
We do not publish prices on our website but will be pleased to prepare a formal quotation to bona fide businesses and institutions. Depending on the complexity of a setup, prices can range from $2500-$12,000.

Do you have a demo we could try?

We can provide a time-limited, fully working demonstration version of the program but in our experience this may not be the best way to go. LineupNX is a complex piece of software that requires some time to setup properly and to learn. We want you to be able to make the best use of the demo. Before requesting a demo we suggest you read all the user guide materials (see links to our manuals to the right above) and the PowerPoint presentation we have on the web site and go through the tutorial videos.

What if we need to expand our number of licensed workstations?

No problem. You can purchase additional licenses as you need them. LineupNX can grow as your operation grows.

How do we get the license keys?

LineupNX does not use license keys. We compile LineupNX for each individual broadcaster or user group with the number of active workstations built in. That way any number of computers can run LineupNX but only the licensed number can run at the same time on the same network.

Do we need a working Internet connection to run LineupNX?

While LineupNX can create web-pages an upload them to a website, it does not need the Internet to run. Unlike some other systems that store all your data in their "cloud", LineupNX is not vulnerable to Internet outages or denial of service attacks by hackers. In fact one of our strengths is that LineupNX can be run in 'stand alone' mode anywhere one of your staff has a computer.

The only time LineupNX requires an internet connection at all is for the demo we provide. That is strictly for us to verify your login. The fully-licensed version does not need to verify.

Do we need to buy a separate teleprompter or auto-cue package from a third party provider?

No you don't need a separate prompter software package. Many of our customers are surprised at how capable our built-in prompter software is.

Of course you will need some hardware that can be fed from either a composite, VGA or HDMI output from a dedicated workstation running LineupNX. If you do already have a teleprompter package you may continue to use it with LineupNX via the "save to Rich Text Format" feature of the program. But frankly, most users prefer our dedicated prompter that reacts quickly to rundown story changes.

Will LineupNX communicate with my Character Generator or playout system?

LineupNX can produce a CG content list in text format that saves CG operators time. We are currently in negotiations with a major CG vender to incorporate a direct communications link between LineupNX and their product. Watch this space.

It will also produce playlists in m3u format.

Does LineupNX support foreign languages and complex fonts like Chinese?

We offer some support and are working to make it better. Currently the interface itself is only in English. We have translations to French and some other major languages in process (but so far only those using the Latin character set).

  • LineupNX is fully compatible with fonts that are mapped directly to the ASCII character set even if they are not Latin characters. Examples of such fonts include the Bengali font called SutonnyMJ and the Tamil font called TAMLKamban. There are other similarly mapped character sets available in other languages, mostly from south- and south-east Asia.

  • LineupNX has limited support for other complex fonts that permit writing prompter copy with those fonts (even right-to-left languages like Arabic) and exporting them to RTF file format for use with a third party prompter. We are currently working to get these fonts to work with the LineupNX prompter but not yet.

What operating systems has LineupNX been tested on?

LineupNX 2.5 has been used and tested on the following operating systems:
  • Windows XP -- service pack 2 and up
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Can I run LineupNX on a Macintosh computer?

The answer is not simple. LineupNX is a program written for the Windows operating system. But since Apple released OS-X running on Mac computers with Intel processors and the Intel instruction set, the potential for Windows programs like LineupNX to run natively on Macs has been realized, at least in part.

There are three ways to run LineupNX on a Mac.
  • The most native way (not yet tested by Baobab) is to install a version of Wine for the Mac. Wine is a set of Mac implementations of Windows operating system functions. Wine is open source and free. There is a product called 'CrossOver Mac' available for a fee from CodeWeavers, the same company that produces Wine. We expect similar limitations to those we found when we ran LineupNX in Wine on a Linux computer system (see below). We don't think LineupNX 2.5 will run well this way.
  • The second way is to install a Windows virtual machine on the Mac and install LineupNX to run on the virtual machine (requires a Windows XP license).
  • The third way is to create a dual boot Mac with Windows XP as a second installed operating system (requires a Windows XP license).

What are the minimum computer and network requirements for running LineupNX?

LineupNX 2.5 will run on virtually any Windows based computer, even very old ones. It will run on Netbooks and modern servers. It takes very little memory and can run in a Windows 2000 system with only 256 megs of ram. Network requirements are minimal as well. You can have a 2 computer peer to peer network or a full server/client network.

Does LineupNX support the Media Object Server protocol?

Currently LineupNX does NOT support the MOS protocol.

The MOS protocol has been developed by several large television equipment and software vendors. It lets Newsroom computer systems communicate directly with devices like character generators, still stores, media servers and teleprompters. We had taken a decision not to implement the protocol, believing that most of our customers would not need it but recently we have had several inquiries form both integrators and potential customers about MOS support. We will look into MOS support in a future release.