LineupNX 2.5

Newsroom Computer System

Welcome School Video News subscriber to LineupNX

Thank you for taking the time to visit. We want to show you how LineupNX can enhance your students' learning experience while not breaking the school budget. We then invite you to visit the rest of the LineupNX website, including our page for educators interested in using LineupNX; download our resources, such as a PowerPoint presentation about the product; then use our contact page get in touch with us. We also invite you to visit our Facebook page, where you will see photos of LineupNX in action and can learn about the history of the program--a history that goes back to 1986!

LineupNX shines in the classroom

LineupNX 2.5 is the rundown, teleprompter, script management newsroom solution for school television productions. It is easy to learn, saving valuable classroom time for real content. Workflows and job assignments are flexible. You can implement a classic flow moving from Future File to on-air Rundown with a single Editor/Producer in control to one with multiple Editors/Producers collaborating to produce the on-air rundown.

Draft printing for teleprompter copy means that even students not directly involved in the  production can have all the copy for the show. This is also extremely useful for postmortems and class discussion.

For teachers / instructors

  • The LineupNX manuals are rich with historical notes and anecdotes, definitions of common newsroom jargon as well as clear explanations of difficult concepts like back-timing and hit-times. Use these to help create engaging lesson plans.
  • A simple archive system lets you easily find individual student contributions over the semester or school year.
  • Grade work offline. Using our cloud sync capability you can assess copy and student scripts from home (or anywhere) if you wish.
  • Since LineupNX works hand-in-hand with your existing word processor (Word, WordPerfect, Open Office, Libre Office, WordPad) you don't have to teach students how to use those tools from scratch.

For students

  • This is the real deal. What you learn with LineupNX is directly transferable to professional television environments (in fact LineupNX itself is used in television stations all over the world).
  • LineupNX is fun to use -- watch your video directly from the rundown, drag and drop content directly onto an item form.
  • Use the built-in teleprompter function from your own computer to time your copy.
  • Create your own personal rundowns/lineups to keep a record of all the work you do in the course.
  • Plan your own documentaries with LineupNX and use it to do your paper edit.

For the Principal and school board administrators

LineupNX is the perfect tool for use in the classroom. It will give pupils a real life experience with all the essential features of the systems in use at CBS, ABC, NBC, or CNN without the expense of the extras you don't need like wire services, video ingest, or a massive server.

Low computer hardware requirements

LineupNX will run on any Windows network or sub-net in the school... server or peer-to-peer. You can use Windows 7 or Windows XP (or even Windows 2000).
Integrate with any existing teleprompter hardware (even reverses text if necessary).

Low life cycle cost with free upgrades for two full years

No service contracts or annual fees to pay; easy low-cost addition of new licenses as needed. LineupNX is priced to please.

Flexible payment options

Use credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or check. Your PO is all we need to provide a downloadable package to get you started.

Leverage other software for which you already have licenses.

That means you don't pay us for a separate word processor for student scripts.
For example:
  • Use MS Word (any version) for package scripts. LineupNX can manage them.
  • Use lower cost word processors like WordPerfect or...
  • Use no-cost, open-source solutions like Open Office or Libre Office.

For SVN subscribers

New purchasers of a LineupNX 2.5 package for school/classroom use that mention School Video News will receive a special promotional discount. For more information please send us a message via our contact page and be sure to mention that you read about us in SVN. If you give us the details about how many workstations you need to run LineupNX, we will send you a formal quotation via email including the discount available to you.